currency pair
SpreadMinimum Price FluctuationUsed Margin for one lot
(1:400 leverage rate in US Dollar)
U1 pip value per 1 lot
in US Dollar
Size of 1 lot
AUD/CAD10-120.0001250*AUDUSD Rate10 / USDCAD Rate100000
AUD/JPY6-80.01250* AUDUSD Rate1000 / USDJPY Rate100000
AUD/NZD15-180.0001250* AUDUSD Rate10* NZDUSD Rate100000
AUD/USD60.0001250* AUDUSD Rate10100000
CAD/JPY6-80.01250 / USDCAD Rate1000/USDJPY Rate100000
CHF/JPY5-80.01250 / USDCHF Rate1000/USDJPY Rate100000
EUR/AUD6-80.0001250* EURUSD Rate10* AUDUSD Rate100000
EUR/CAD7-100.0001250* EURUSD Rate10 / USDCAD Rate100000
EUR/CHF4-60.0001250* EURUSD Rate10 / USDCHF Rate100000
EUR/GBP3-50.0001250* EURUSD Rate10* GBPUSD Rate100000
EUR/JPY4-70.01250* EURUSD Rate1000/USDJPY Rate100000
EUR/NZD10-120.0001250* EURUSD Rate10*NZDUSD Rate100000
EUR/TRY350.0001250* EURUSD Rate10/USDTRY Rate100000
EUR/USD3-50.0001250* EURUSD Rate10100000
GBP/AUD12-170.0001250* GBPUSD Rate10*AUDUSD Rate100000
GBP/CAD15-170.0001250* GBPUSD Rate10/ USDCAD Rate100000
GBP/CHF6-80.0001250* GBPUSD Rate10/ USDCHF Rate100000
GBP/JPY6-100.01250* GBPUSD Rate1000/USDJPY Rate100000
GBP/NZD15-250.0001250* GBPUSD Rate10* NZDUSD Rate100000
GBP/USD4-50.0001250* GBPUSD Rate10100000
NZD/CHF10-130.0001250* NZDUSD Rate10/USDCHF Rate100000
NZD/JPY10-150.01250* NZDUSD Rate1000/USDJPY Rate100000
NZD/USD5-60.0001250* NZDUSD Rate10100000
USD/CAD4-50.000125010 /USDCAD Rate100000
USD/CHF4-50.000125010 / USDCHF Rate100000
USD/DKK12-150.000125010 / USDDKK Rate100000
USD/JPY3-50.012501000/USDJPY Rate100000
USD/NOK50-750.000125010 / USDNOK Rate100000
USD/SEK50-750.000125010 / USDSEK Rate100000
USD/SGD10-130.000125010 / USDSGD Rate100000
USD/TRY130.000125010 / USDTRY Rate100000
USD/ZAR200-2200.000125010 / USDZAR Rate100000
**XAG/USD600-8000.00012.5 *XAGUSD Rate0.11000
**XAU/USD60-1000.010.25 *XAUUSD Rate1100

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