Environmental Initiatives

The aim of our environmental policies is to lessen ASTON FX's carbon footprint by raising awareness and taking realistic measures to reduce energy output and waste within the office environment.

As a provider of services, our environmental impact is caused primarily by the operation of our offices, use of office supplies and use of transport. We seek to reduce our impact in these areas wherever possible.

Current initiatives include:

  • Recycling bins for paper, plastic and aluminium.
  • Introducing composite / organic waste bins in kitchen staff areas.
  • Recycling mobile phones, PCs / laptops, fluorescent tubes and batteries.
  • Setting building lights on a timer.
  • Using energy saving, long life light bulbs.
  • Progressive phasing out of individual desk bins.
  • Automatically setting computers to ‘sleep’ after a period of inactivity.
  • Replacing traditional light switches with sensor switches in offices and meeting rooms.
  • Extending the use of tele-conferencing to reduce travel.
  • Reducing use of paper and ink by introducing double-sided printing and setting printers to black and white as default wherever possible.